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With 10 lessons, covering critical subjects, Journey enables the disciple to witness at the "water cooler" and begin Journey with someone else before they finish the final lesson.
This is not discipleship repackaged. Journey is a unique offering...providing a strategic path to the spiritual formation of multiplying disciples.

Journey has this purpose: leading people to Christ and discipling them to lead others to Christ and be trusted by their Pastor to do the same.
Journey was designed during church planting in many countries and languages. The lessons are studied by looking up the Bible references with your Bible.  Journey is now available in over 22 languages.  We encourage you to use a time tested, preserved copy of God's Word in your language.
SPECIAL NOTICE: when you purchase Journey on this site, you are actually providing a free copy in Arabic or Chinese or Hindi to a new disciple. Thank you for your investment in God's work.